Welcome to CAFE PLENTY BRIGHTON. An exciting new space for people to meet, eat and connect…

Located just off of Brighton’s London Road, PLENTY is a cafe headed up by two good friends Mitch and Dan, set amidst the Iconic 1960s commercial block on Circus Parade, and after an extensive regeneration programme, PLENTY is an escape from the inner-city bustle of and stress of everyday life. Our locally sourced breakfast and brunch menu is lovingly prepared by a great team of chefs. Our coffee is also set apart thanks to a unique and exciting house blend. . If you want to read more about PLENTY’s background, you can read the story here


 Bake, Blend, Brew | Grain, Bean, Leaf



THE FOOD:  Everything we source for our food comes from local farms, producers and suppliers, as we believe in supporting and investing in our neighbours as much as we can. We have breakfasts and brunches, freshly cut sandwiches, pastries and cakes made in our micro-bakery, and we have a great selection of mouthwatering daily specials, inspired by head chef and founder Mitch’s travels – created with a balance of nutrition, flavour, affordability and a real love for what he does. Take a look at our breakfast and brunch menu here, or continue scrolling for more of what we do.



‘BAKE’ – THE MICRO BAKERY:  All of our dishes that include breads of any kind will use lovingly hand crafted loaves and rolls, freshly baked in house and hot from the oven that same day. You’ll see a nice selection of breads such as sourdough, rye, wholegrain and farmhouse, all using locally sourced flours and other ingredients. As well as breads, a selection of Mitch’s famous ‘celebration cakes’ are on offer daily, so pop in for a slice and a cuppa of your favourite brew…


CAFE PLENTY BRIGHTON‘BLEND’ – THE COFFEE:  Partnering with Brighton coffee specialists, Coffee @ 33, and after months of trialing different origins and flavours, we eventually settled on and are very proud to offer our customers what we believe to be the perfect blend, that uses a of combination of Brazilian and Sumatran beans. Whether it’s an Americano, an espressso or a cappuccino we’re making, you can be sure of one thing; that you won’t be left dissatisfied after your cup.



‘BREW’ – THE TEA:  We love tea, so teaming up with the wonderful Brighton tea and honey company, Chi, we have not one, not five, but over twenty different types of fresh, loose leaf teas on offer, everyday. Expect to see some familiar names on the tea menu such as The Earl of Brunswick, Pavilion Gardens, Sussex Breakfast and Indian Summer. And some more exotic names and flavours such as Golden Yunnan, Sweet Turkish Apple and White Cumin.

Brought about by founder Mitch’s sheer passion for good food and great times, as well as a genuine love for Brighton, PLENTY offers so much more than being just another cafe. Being a community-focused space, engaging with local creatives in forward-thinking projects and events, and after being open for only a few months, it’s already a venue that people are excited to be working with. Understanding we’re central to Brighton’s booming tech cluster we’re also switched on with businesses in the area, providing free Wifi that extends to 30 meters beyond the walls of the cafe, and a great meeting room for all your out of office meeting needs, which incidentally, you can book here…

Designed with its urban surroundings in mind, and inspired by being by the sea, the space has been created to cater to everybody from families to office workers, and creatives to passers by, and provides a contemporary, integrative, everyday environment, that can really be used as a central meeting, working and eating place by everyone.

Along with free wifi, our happy-hour espressos and our bottomless cereal bowls for kids, we want to give to our customers and our community as much as we can with what we do, and we want to do it well. Taking the space further, PLENTY will also be used as a venue to host Fringe and Festival activities, as well as creative workshops and local musicians and artists. If you’re an artist or musician or would just like to put on an event at PLENTY, please contact Dan, the manager who will be delighted to discuss your event needs with you.

With the three Bs (Bake, Blend, Brew), being a community-focused space and the commitment we’ve made towards the regeneration of an important landmark area, we’re excited that we’ve created something really different and forward-thinking for the city, and indeed for the immediate area that surrounds us too. With PLENTY we’re investing in local people, investing in our environment and investing our future, giving our community a fresh and contemporary meeting and dining space to use in the process.